The mountain requires it and every freestyler will know: in the air, every gram counts.

    But at the same time freestyle equipment must be tough enough for the landings.

    Using materials out of the aircraft industry, Eretic build a snowscoot that is both light but robust, designed to endure the repeated punishments of freestyle abuses.

    Applying T6 6061 Aluminium and CR4130 chromium and molybdenum heat threaded aloy extensively throughout the deck, fork system and bar Eretic produced the lightest Snowscoot on the market to date.

    Grip is key to carving on the slopes, grip is key for a controlled ride.

    Eretic designed a purpose build fork system to maximise grip while promoting drift capabilities and maximum fun.

    By allowing a studied freedom of movement to the front ski, Eretic allows its snowscoot to keep maximum contact with the slope also in carving turns.

    While improving the ride, the pivotal fork system allows for all the classic whips to be executed flawlessly.



    Control is also dependant on the contact surfaces at the hands and feet.

    Eretic has applied bespoke solutions to both the grip system and the grip tape on the deck

    The Grips use a screw based securing system to ensure they do not move under the load and specially challenging conditions on the slopes.

    The Grip tape on the deck has been studied to sustain snow, water and ice, and its particular profile allows for clearing any excess snow or ice in seconds through simple brushing of the feet.