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A high quality boot actually fits tight to the feet and the padding, at first sight, might seem a bit hard. But actually this secures the position of the foot inside the boot, gives support and in fact increases the comfort. One should be aware of the fact that the materials used for padding, tend to become softer during usage. Therefore boots that are already very soft and might seem comfortable, when tried on for the first time, will prove to become ever softer, more difficult to control and in the end detrimental to your performance. On the contrary, boots with very tight fit and harder padding will remain stable and performing as time goes by.

The boot is the connection of the athlete to his equipment weather it´s for inline skating, waterskiing, or other types of action sport. If this connection does not function 100%, this has a real negative impact on the sporting experience:

high fatigue
slow learning progress
less fun

To keep you far from this kind of problems, we specialized ourselves in the full customization of liner for all types of action sports.
The general performance, as well as the general fit and comfort of boots, can be completely customized within just a few minutes.

Make your own unique personalized fit.