Established in 2009. Made in Europe.

The Etymology of the Kubars name is: Kuba (diminutive of Jakub) and Bars . Believe it or not the first product launched under the Kubars moniker were one piece bars, nobody really remembers who came up with the name but most would probably “put the blame“ for it on Johan Walzel.

Kubars stands for Durability, Precision, Dependability and Genuineness, it is the Real Thing.

If Kubars were a person what kind of person would it be? What car would it drive? We know one thing for sure: He would be no poser driving around in a flash and overpriced car just to show off. Kubars would be a smart guy who can recognise the real thing when he sees it.

Kubars forks, SCS, pegs and clamps are made in Prague, CZE. All parts are CNC machined using the finest materials with a strict quality control procedure.

Kubars forks have been backed by life-time warranty since day one and now Kubars SCS are backed by the same warranty.

Kubars parts made to last.